Every day, millions of people taking photos or videos on Instagram and Facebook use the special effects available in the form of AR filters. I think each of us has seen pictures decorated with dog-ears or added glasses, special effects in the form of a fire-breathing without saying.

See how to make an AR filter on Instagram and surprise your friends with an unconventional AR effect! 😉

Spark AR – How to make your own filter on Instagram

Download Spark AR Studio and Start Creating Effects – SPARK AR

The program itself offers sample projects that you can easily import into your new project and preview the Augmented Reality.

This is a very cool option that allows beginners to quickly familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the program.

How To Create Augmented Reality Effect -Step By Step

Create your first project in Spark Ar Studio

Menu 1: Face image and console view management.

  1. This is the menu for managing the displayed image – to open the face library, click on the webcam icon.
  2. You can also connect your phone and then your face will be visible on the screen.
  3. Upload the recording of any face – the “+” sign. The video database is located in the C: Program files / Spark AR Studio / v73 / Resources / videos directory

Menu 2: Tracking subject management

You can choose to track: face, hands, 2D object and plane.

If you want to make a face mask, first select the Face Tracker option and then add Face Mesh.

Two new items will appear in the menu and a tracking mask will be applied to the face.

In the next step, we define a material that is applied to the mask.
 Select the Add Asset from Menu # 4 and select Material

New material 1a will appear. Change the name to your own and in the Texture 2a tab choose a previously prepared mask or effect in “.png” format

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The last step is to assign the material we created to FaceMesh.

Click the grid: faceMash0 and select the Materials option.

Choose deformation- in our case, it will be pre-defined “New mask”

The effect of our mask will be applied, and will appear on the screen.

In the menu on the right, we can still select mouth or eye options, and scale and position the effect.
 To see the effect on your phone, select Menu #3

You can choose to connect your phone or upload the effect to your Fb or Instagram profile. Remember that you must be logged in to your profile – you will receive a notification, and when opened you will see your AR effect.

The last step is to export the effect. Choose File / Export … and save your AR effect to disk.

Then on the Hub Spark add your AR effect to the media – Facebook or Instagram.

At this stage you have a choice:

  • AR filter on Facebook
  • Facebook advertisement with AR filter
  • AR filter on Instagram

Here you have to decide where your filter should be published. If you want to choose different places then you have to go through the whole procedure of adding again.

In the next step, you can preview your effect, add a logo and choose the profile to which you want to assign.

Acceptance usually takes 3-5 business days.

This is what our ready effect looks like – see on your phone.

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