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How To Create Facebook Augmented Reality Ads

Create and Publish Facebook Augmented Reality Ads

September 2019: Facebook introduced the ability to create interactive ads effect AR – Augmented Reality

After a period of testing, FB allows you to integrate the AR effect in advertising on Facebook and Instagram. You can encourage users to interact with your products in a new interactive way.

People who are targeted by advertising can interact with the product or experience offered by augmented reality.

How to create the first AR ad on Facebook

To use Facebook’s new augmented reality ads, you will either need to partner with an authorized AR producer on Facebook’s Spark AR Partner Network to create and upload AR effects on the Spark AR Hub or create your own.

You can then create ads with a few clicks Ad Manager.

Remember that ads in augmented reality are only available in the mobile News Feed on Facebook.


  1. Create and publish your augmented reality effects in the Spark AR Hub. If you don’t know how to do this, check out this guide.
  2. Create a video for the Facebook mobile News Feed that invites people to use your effect.

Next Steps:

  • Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and click “+ Create.”
  • Select a supported objective – Augmented Reality Ads are supported by Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, or Conversions objectives. Click “Continue.”
  • Select your audience, placements, and budget. Then click “Continue.”
  • Under “Format,” click “Single Image or Video.”
  • Upload your feed video. You can either upload a new video or click on “Browse Library” to select a video that’s already in your library.
  • Select the checkbox next to “Add an Instant Experience,” then select “Add AR Experience.”
  • Click Use Template to open the Add an AR Experience window.
  • Click “Effect” and choose the effect you want to use from the dropdown menu. You will only be able to use an effect that is already approved by Spark AR, as only these will appear in the dropdown menu. SEE: How to add your AR effect to Spark AR 
  • Add the Website URL and Call to Action, then click “Done.”
  • Click “Text Overlay” and choose the action from the dropdown menu that you want people to take – like, “Tap to try it on,” “Tap to interact” or “Tap to see it in your space.” These actions relate to the AR experience you have prepared for them.
  • When you’re done, click “Preview on Mobile” to preview your Augmented Reality Ad. Your effect will be saved, and Facebook will send you a notification in your Facebook mobile app to open a preview and check your ad on your device.
  • If all is good, go back to your Ads Manager and click “Done.”

See our sample AR effect – Click here

Note that you can also update your effect after it’s published. After Facebook has reviewed the new version, you will be able to use it for your ads. However, if you’re already using the effect in an ad, the new version will appear automatically once it’s available.

Augmented Reality Ad Metrics

After running your AR Ads on Facebook, you may have access to several metrics that measure their performance. Facebook says it’s gradually rolling out the feature, so you may not see these yet.

Instant Experience View Time: This is the average total time in seconds that people spent viewing an Instant Experience.
Effect Shares: This is the number of times a user shared a photo or video that used an effect from your ad. Shares can be Facebook Stories or posts to News Feed.

See the effect of the use of augmented reality in practice – Example

See the presentation on YT: Click here

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