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Instagram Filters – 7 Free Tools- Creating Spark AR Filters

Check out 7 free tools to help you create beautiful Facebook and Instagram filters.

1. Spark AR Studio – Facebook

If you want to become the creator of AR filters and see your effects in virtual reality this is the tool that will allow you to. Spark AR is a powerful machine that is relatively easy to learn. Start working on it today and will definitely delight you with its possibilities. Link to Spark AR Studio


2. Blender

If you create filters on Instagram or Facebook sooner or later you will want to use 3D effects. Install Blender which is a free open source program. Supports 3D projects – modeling, animation, simulation, rendering, composing and tracking motion, video editing. You can download it from here.


Sculptgl is an online website where you can create and model 3D objects and then import them into Spark AR and create Instagram filters from them. On the site, you can easily enlarge your lips or lengthen your nose. A simple and intuitive website where you can make modifications to 3D objects without unnecessary knowledge. Go to the website

4. Avatar SDK

Avatar SDK is an online program in which you can make a 3D avatar from a 2D photo. The program is paid but also has an online demo version to which you can find the link below. Just that you add your photo 2D and after a few moments you will get your avatar with a face that you can import into their designs in Ar Spark Studio. Go to the website.


5. Maximo

Maximo from Adobe is a program that will bring your 3D characters to life. The program has a large library of characters and movements that are ready to use. If you design games, animated cartoons, and movies you can not forget about this program. Maximo revives each character and then impose texture. You can also submit your own character and automatically receive a human skeleton adapted to your character and ready for animation. You can try here

6. Miro Video Converter

Creating audio music files in Spark Ar requires the M4A mono format. To optimize the file without losing quality audio files, use a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz and 16-bit resolution.

Convert to the lowest possible kb/sec clips when testing the device. Spark AR Studio does not recommend lowering the speed to 64 kb / s when converting to M4a. You can try here.

7. Tiny PNG

An excellent and free program to reduce the size of PNG and JPG files. If you actively use the Spark Ar or creating a website, then you should use this program. Tiny PNG selective reducing the number of colors in the image and takes up fewer bytes of data storage. The effect is almost invisible, but it makes a very big difference in file size!

The program has a paid option that allows you to store compressed JPEG and PNG images directly from Photoshop. Once installed in Photoshop plugin will see a new menu option from which you can change the size, preview, select a folder and save the images. Link to TINY PNG 

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