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How To Use MailChimp -Beginners Guide

Many of us have heard of the MailChimp but are you really aware of all the  you can unlock to really make it work for your business? 

MailChimp is a powerful email marketing tool for small and large businesses. 

With MailChimp, a person or a business can send one email to many people at one time.

The email that gets sent can then be monitored by the sender.

Some things you can find out about an email you send through MailChimp are:

  • The number of times the email was opened by each person.
  • Which links inside the email were clicked.
  • The number of sales and quantity of sales that were generated as a result of the email (if MailChimp is connected to an online shopping cart).

Getting Started with MailChimp –  Free Account 

The first thing you need to do is register for an account and log in if you haven’t done so previously. Check your email and activate your account. (FREE account includes 2,000 contacts and 10,000 emails sends.)

Follow on screen questions to finish your account.

Next, Take a good look and familiarize yourself with the dashboard and tabs. 

Click on top right corner to open the account menu. Set your profile – basic informations like name, website and your logo or your headshot.


Uploading your contact list

If you have an existing contact list, you can upload them using Audience tab and by following on screen instructions. 

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Please Note: You must have a permission from people in order to add them to your list.

Your contacts can be organized by TAGS. Tagging lets you bring your own contact structure into Mailchimp and label contacts based on data you know about them. 

Tags are highly customizable, so you can create and assign them as you see fit.

For example:  Shop sales, out of state lead, friends, seller, lead, potential client….etc

Organize your contacts!


Welcome new subscribers – creating your 1st Automation

The default one-click welcome automation is one email that sends immediately after signup, and includes pre-filled content. In the automation builder you can change the delay, and edit the design and content. This automation welcomes new subscribers to your audience, so the trigger and audience are fixed and uneditable. 

On your account dashboard, click the Automate drop-down menu and choose Email

Choose the right campaign for your welcome email. It is a good idea to create a few welcome emails for each TAG.


Review your automation. This is DEFAULT content, you must make it your own!

Click Edit design, change your logo, colors and add social media links.




SEND A TEST EMAIL – the best way to see what your subscribers will receive, TEST IT OUT ON YOURSELF!

Save and Start sending. Congratulations you have created your first email automation!



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