Web Push Notifications

What are Website Push Notifications? 

Website push notifications are clickable messages that a website can send to their subscribers, directly on their desktop or mobile device. Subscribers that click on a push notification can be sent to (among other things): Content – Send them to a new blog post, podcast or video.


By default, whenever you install a mobile app, you give the app the permission to send you push notifications on your device. Websites, however, have to explicitly take permission from their users to send them push messages. 

This is how website push notifications work: The first step is getting opt-in from visitors.  As soon as someone arrives on a website, an opt-in box is triggered. If the visitor clicks on “Allow”, he/she is added to your subscriber list.

Web push notification is a fantastic new way to:

  • Convert your website visitors into regular visitors.
  • Convert regular visitors into leads.
  • Convert leads into customers.

Subscribers that click on a push notification can be sent to (among other things):


  • Content – Send them to a new blog post, podcast or video.
  • Offers – Announce a new offer or sale.
  • Shopping Cart – Bring them back to an abandoned shopping cart.
  • Survey/Poll – Solicit feedback from subscribers.


SENDPULSE - Free up to 10,000 subscribers

How to send your first push notification from Sendpulse.

  1. Create an account here
  2. Add Your website 
  3. Set website image and general settings  
  4. Go to Integration and copy and paste the codes to your website. ( HTML or WordPress)

Start collecting subscribers!

Once you have few collected send your first push notification!



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